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Apr 19, 2024

“Why is Biden risking his entire re-election chances by overseeing this genocide? It’s because he is a Zionist. He is willing to risk it all for Israel.”

The whole world is paying attention to the Israel-Palestine conflict and the unfolding genocide in Gaza. Many observers are shocked at the brutality and relentless killing, but for Abby Martin, Hamas’ attack on October 7th and the ensuing bloodthirsty Israeli rampage are utterly unsurprising.

Martin, an independent US journalist and host of “The Empire Files”, is a keen observer of US foreign policy and its military empire. And to understand US hegemony, one must be well-versed in the history of Israel and its key strategic place within the system. So for years, the Israel-Palestine conflict and how the US empire maintains the status quo have been a central part of Martin’s journalistic work. Two prime examples of her reporting: In 2017, she traveled to Israel and the West Bank to interview ordinary citizens about the conflict. Her ‘man on the street’ interviews within Israel went viral for their sadistic and revealing nature. And then in 2019, Martin released a powerful documentary called ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom‘, which unpacks the ongoing struggle to resist occupation and apartheid.

Martin is a rare example of a journalist who pontificates from a position of true knowledge. She’s done the leg work. She’s been on the ground, spoken to all sides, and been tracking the story relentlessly for years.

Since October 7th, Martin has continued her coverage of the story, mainly through long-form interviews with both notable Palestinian voices and global supporters of the cause. She’s also braved the world of TV debates and recently went viral challenging pro-Israeli journalist Emily Schrader on Piers Morgan Uncensored. A solid chunk of the conversation was devoted to pushing Martin to publicly condemn Hamas. Her refusal to do so led to a slew of death and rape threats.

Abby Martin and I spoke almost 8 years ago, just before the 2016 US election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So much has changed since that conversation. Today, we operate within a Trumpian world, a genocide in Gaza continues to unfold, and tensions in the Middle East are so heightened that many fear the outbreak of a regional war, perhaps even World War 3.

With the world on fire, I was very keen to reconnect with Abby; someone with detailed knowledge of these events and someone who I discern genuinely gives a damn about human suffering and injustice.

There is much I WANNA KNOW from one of America’s leading independent journalists. I caught up with Abby Martin via Skype from her home in Oregon. From the genocide in Gaza, to fascism in Israeli society, to grifters, to Iran-Israel hostilities, to her reluctance to condemn Hamas, we cover it all.



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