Interviews With Fascinating People From Around The World
  • Teju Cole

    “Everybody reads, but I read like a maniac. I go deep down inside the text and bind it into my heart so that it has an influence on my own writing. When I write a piece, I am making myself so close to the language that it is super intense and super exhausting.”     In […]

    One response 20 min read October 7, 2013
  • Susan Polgar

      “People truly believed it was impossible for women to play good chess or become a grandmaster. They really were convinced that because no other woman had done it before me it was impossible. But I learned chess quickly and it became part of my mission.”   If you love a good tale about women […]

    2 responses 19 min read August 23, 2013
  • Andy Gill

    “One of the things that isn’t right about music at the moment is that it’s often too backward looking and referential. I think people should be looking to invent new things.”   He’s been called the post-punk Hendrix. For like his acid-induced predecessor, the spiky, sporadic sounds that reverberated from Andy Gill’s guitar influenced a […]

    No responses 22 min read August 1, 2013
  • Oluchi Orlandi

      “I’m not doing charity because it looks good on my resume. I want to give people an opportunity to work. That’s what the continent needs.”   Meeting a supermodel is intimidating. But sometimes you just have to tell yourself “we’re all African” and go for it. And so, with my questions and courage, I approached […]

    One response 11 min read July 16, 2013
  • Sam Childers

    “If you got good people having weapons, then it’s a good thing. If you have bad people having weapons, then it’s a bad thing. In countries that have outlawed guns around the world, it’s a proven fact that only outlaws have them.”     Years before the most viral video of all time, KONY 2012, […]

    23 responses 20 min read March 29, 2013
  • Susan Orlean

    “For a kid, having a Halloween birthday really makes you feel unique, and being a red-head, you are unique…From the time I could think about who I was, I felt that I was not like everyone else.”      Only Halloween could birth one of history’s most successful red-headed writers. With a knack for quirky, […]

    One response 20 min read February 22, 2013
  • Jim Jinkins

      “I’m happy to have been a pre-computer kid…There was a whole lot of down time when we had to entertain ourselves, and I think that’s what helped me think of these stories.”   An awkward edge around love interests. A wild imagination. A desire to fit in. A penchant for adventure. There is something […]

    7 responses 21 min read February 1, 2013
  • Cory Doctorow

    “L. Ron Hubbard does not have the neurological excuse for the declining quality of his work. I think it can only be attributed to the fact that he was a colossal asshole.”   Cory Doctorow attended four universities but never completed a degree. Today, the Toronto native is a wildly successful sci-fi writer, journalist, and […]

    No responses 12 min read December 16, 2012
  • Charles Bowden

    “I got messages, threats, delivered two or three times. You never take those seriously. The people who are going to kill you don’t send messages, they send bullets.”     Patagonia, Arizona boasts one the best bird watching experiences in the world. It’s a place American writer Charles Bowden loves to frequent. When I reach him by phone […]

    2 responses 28 min read December 7, 2012